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Shame on you, BBSC!

BBSC Endurance Sports, a rather new-comer to the Utah/Nevada triathlon scene, contacted me with a request. They wanted the Hess Cancer Foundation to enlist volunteers for their triathlon held July 16th, 2011 at Scofield Utah. They explained they were looking for 100 volunteers and would pay HCF $3,500 for providing volunteers for the event.

After the event they change their tune and are only willing to pay $960!

Here is what went down:

BBSC had 274 participants (this includes the kid’s tri). HCF provided 34 volunteers, which is more than 1 volunteer for every 10 athletes! If we had rounded up 100 volunteers we would have had nearly a 1 to 2 ratio – a bit unnecessary.

HCF was able to provide volunteers at every intersection needed, all the aid stations, the transition area, the finish line, in the lake, etc. No one from HCF knew where the volunteers were supposed to report until the DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. We offered 5 volunteers at PowerTri on Thursday the 14th and we were informed they would not need them. We were informed on Thursday, 2 days before the race, where the volunteers were to report. That is NOT how people should be managed.

TWO DAYS prior to the event, BBSC also requested a motorcycle and 2 kayaks. Not only did HCF come up with volunteers for Thursday, we also came up with a motorcycle, a driver, and 4 kayaks – with only 2 days notice.

 The four reasons BBSC gave for keeping the $2,540:

1 – HCF was asked for 100 volunteers and only came up with 34;

2 – HCF agreed to provide volunteers on Thursday and Friday (HCF offered volunteers on Thursday, they were turned away);

3 – We ate more food than we were supposed to. (Really? We were supposed to have 100 volunteers and only had 34, and we ate too much? That makes absolutely no sense);

4 – According to the Race Director with BBSC, “HCF put an inexperienced 12-year-old boy in a kayak. That was irresponsible and dangerous for everyone.” (If the BBSC Race Director was that concerned about safety, she should have been on the dock instructing the kayakers prior to launch – SHE was supposed to be in charge… NOT the volunteers).

Here is how I see it…

This triathlon had a poor turn-out and earned far less revenue than they hoped. They looked for expenses that could be cut and decided on the Hess Cancer Foundation.

Last of all, here’s what I have the hardest time figuring out: We provided 34 volunteers; if you figure the average hours worked were 8 hours per volunteer (6 am until 2 pm on Saturday – this is not including the hours worked on Friday, the drive time, camping in tents, etc), the total hours would come to 272. If you divide the hours by $960 – the amount the BBSC plans to pay HCF – you get $3.53 per hour. $3.72 LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE? THAT IS LESS THAN HALF OF THE MINIMUM WAGE! (In case you didn’t know, minimum wage is $7.25 per hour).

Compared to last year, the HCF had more than double the number of volunteers. HCF did what was needed for a good event to be held, the BBSC is looking at the dollar signs and doing the wrong thing.

What I ask:

Please go to http://bbsctri.com/contact and let them know what you think. I have, and I am asking all of my contacts to do the same thing. There is a lot of competition out there and from here on out, and I for one will be signing up for tri’s put on by other organizations like TriUtah, US Tri Sports, and Telos.

 Shame on you Brent Herron, owner of the BBSC!

Travis Hess

President, Hess Cancer Foundation

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